Dear Travel Partner:


We’re in an era of rapid and dramatic change in the make up of the media. All US spending reports indicate that consumers are starting to spend in the slow but steady economic recovery.


The shift from newspapers and magazines to the Internet is accelerating every year. And the nature of Internet media itself is evolving just as rapidly.


So it is important to everyone with an interest in building the U.S. market for Europe—Europe’s largest by far—to meet the journalists who are working in the front lines.


This fall’s Visit Europe Media Exchange will be more essential than ever before. As 2020 approaches, the Media Exchange will be the most cost-effective means to deliver Europe’s story—and your story—across the wide media spectrum.


The Media Exchange will take place in New York on Wednesday, October 30th.


At each Media Exchange, you will meet with dozens of qualified, interested and frequently published journalists in one-on-one interviews and open-networking sessions. All in one day, under one roof.


The Visit Europe Media Exchange is designed to deliver maximum impact for the money and time invested. We hope you can make it.